HubSpot Deal Lookup Not Working



  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Thanks for posting to the community, Ariel Browne! That's a good idea to try to get some more eyes on this from others with a similar HubSpot setup. Our customer support ninjas are actively working on your case too. When this is resolved please do post an update so others can benefit from your experience.

  • Ariel Browne

    Hi Kate Larson,

    I've made some progress.

    In step 2:

    • The first is that I removed the 'one to many' requirement. I don't think I need it for my purposes anyways
    • For 'Deal ID' I also used a slight work around. We have a field within the company object that I have placed the deal ID in. This won't necessarily work for everyone if they are pushing through multiple deals at the same time, but for our purposes, we are only pushing through the most recent deal. So I made a Hubspot workflow to push that deal ID to the company object
    • The last step I actually think was the cause of most of my problems. In step 2, you can configure your search parameters to bring in the required fields from the deal:

      Within the search parameters, I entered 'id' for 'ID Property' (because my deal unique identifier property is called 'id'.
      When I do that, the whole thing breaks.

      So one problem down, but onto the next....
      Now when I try to map any of the deal properties into NetSuite, they don't get imported into NetSuite, it's just blank🥲

      I've brought my deal data into the results mapping for the lookup:


    And I've mapped one of the deal  properties into netsuite just to test it out, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I can map any of the Hubspot company properties to the NetSuite 'comments' but none of the deal ones:


  • Lucian Hymer Senior Solutions Consultant

    Hey Ariel,

    For your mapping into the Comments field, you'll need to use handlebars statements to create a single string out of your data.

    I used our Dev Playground (available under Tools if you enable Developer Mode under My Account) to create the following:

    So, here I'm looping through both levels of data to get to properties.pipeline and this ends up printing them out as a single string (in the bottom right).

    The statement is: {{#each dealdata}}{{#each results}}{{properties.pipeline}}, {{/each}}{{/each}}

    You should be able to just copy and paste that into the field where you currently have dealdata[*].results[*].properties.pipeline


  • Ariel Browne

    Hi Lucian Hymer

    Unfortunately it is still mapping a 'null' value despite in the debugging log showing that data existing with that deal. Here is what I have now tried to no avail (all map as null in the debugger):

    • {{#each dealdata}}{{#each results}}{{properties.pipeline}}, {{/each}}{{/each}}
    • This one was recommended by someone else:
    • {{properties.pipeline}}
    • {{}}

    Any clue? I should note, that the actual mapping drop-down menu choice shows dealdata[*].results[*].properties.pipeline which is why I choose it originally.

  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    I learned from customer support that the following handlebar statement resolved this issue:
    {{getValue "dealdata[0].properties.dealname" "defaultValue"}}



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