yesterday's timestamp for file names



  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Hello tentree internal,
    Thanks for posting your question.

    Are you exporting this report from NetSuite?  Also, have you seen these sections in the Handlebars helper reference:

  • tentree internal

    Hi Kate Larson 

    I used the handlebar helper reference to get the datestamp - which helped get me this far, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the date stamp to subtract a day. I'm thinking I have to utilize something to do with the dateoffset “-86400000”. I'm new to coding so all of this is foreign language.

    you are correct, it is a .csv export from Netsuite and transferring it to an FTP server where i want the filename to have yesterdays date stamped. 

    this mornings file which houses all of yesterdays sales is

    DailySales_{{{timestamp "YYYY-MM-DD"}}}.csv  --> DailySales_2021-03-16

    I'm trying to get it to read DailySales_2021-03-15

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Hi tentree internal,
    Since the date is in the sales records, have you considered pulling that value out of the data and using it for naming the file rather than doing the date math? If you register for an office hours session one of our solutions consultants can walk you through this.


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