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How to apply ignored to false in postResponseMap function



  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Kiruba Devarajan,

    I encourage others who might have gotten around this error to share their tips, but as you're probably aware the scope of this question is best treated with consulting help: 

    If you would like to work with someone more closely to help you through your custom flows, you could consider consulting hours. Also, we have the Office Hours program where you can call in and get a free consultation. 

    Also, are you familiar with a recently released feature, Debug your scripts in You can print the value of your data arrays or indices, above, to the script’s execution log at any point – before, during, or after the for() loop. 

  • Yvonne Nemes
    Awesome Follow-up

    Hi Kiruba,

    We came across the same issue today. You might've already figured it out but just in case anyone else sees or comes across this, it seems like returning options.postResponseDataMap was what we needed to do. So we just modified each of the options.postResponseDataMap's array items (instead of creating a new array) with the data we needed and returned that same exact object back, i.e do this:

    return options.postResponseMapData;

    I hope this helps - good luck!

  • Akber Ali

    I have been running in the same issue, but I believe when you build the flow, make sure in postResponseDataMap you will have the same details as your request object.

    Also, can you share your details if you solve the issue?

  • Anitha Abraham Community moderator Principal Technical Writer

    Akber, you could check this updated article.


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