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Reading file contents from Netsuite File Cabinet



  • Orion Abrams

    Hi Wade,

    You aren't missing something. It's currently unsupported to parse the file data from the NetSuite file cabinet, but as you said, you could have one flow putting the files on an FTP, and another flow exporting the files from the FTP and importing them into another system. The files would have to be one of the supported FTP export file types such as XML, CSV, etc. 

  • Wade Shelton

    OK.  Thanks, Orion.

    Just a suggestion... since the files are stored in the Celigo file cache once picked up, it would be really nice to have that as a Source or Lookup option.  i.e. - be able to pass in the id and actually read the file contents.

  • Kate Larson

    Hi Wade Shelton, 
    I'm moving this thread to our Enhancement Requests topic that our product managers monitor so you and others can vote on it. Thanks!


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