Consider Weekends When Using dateAdd Helper


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    Mannan Khanna Product Manager

    Hey Justin,

    That definitely seems to be an interesting approach to setting the Ship By date. Our functions work with explicit date figures and we're not really looking for the Day of the week. Here are your options:

    Option A:

    1. Pass the date to an arbitrary transaction body field
    2. Create a NetSuite workflow or script to process that date per your business needs
    3. Write the date back to the Ship By field

    Option B:

    1. Compute the Ship By date within Shopify
    2. Store this value as a order attribute
    3. Add a field mapping to the Ship By field on your NetSuite form

    For businesses where the Ship By date is critical e.g. gifts, this value often comes from the website itself and in all other use cases, the reference goes off the 'Created At' date for any downstream activities like packing or shipping.

    We'll be sure to put in a note with our engineering team to review the demand and feasibility of recognizing the day of the week within our functions. Appreciate you contributing to the community!



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