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Trouble with #compare handlebar



  • Cory Anderson
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    Update on this - changed the expression to:

    {{#compare L5[*].ORDERED PART "==" L5[*].SHIPPED PART}}{{L5.[*].SHIPPED PART}}{{/compare}}

    Now the error is:

    "Could not compile handle bar \"{{#compare L5.[0].ORDERED PART \"==\" L5.[0].SHIPPED PART}}{{L5.[*].SHIPPED PART}}{{/compare}}\" because \"helper {{compare}}: invalid operator: `undefined`\" .Please correct and retry"

  • Kate Larson Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
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    Hi Cory Anderson,

    Thanks for posting to the community! I checked with one of our handlebars experts. He says the issue is that you're using wildcards in your expression. You'll need to specify the exact indices for the values you want to match. I hope that helps!



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