eBay - NS Sales Order error due to Sales Rep over 100% Contribution Amount



  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Thanks for posting this to the community, Paula and Sean O'Hare. I’ve also opened a ticket so Support can assist with this.


  • Sean O'Hare

    Has there been any update on the 'overwrite' feature for the Sales Rep, when the Sales Rep is being pulled from the Parent Customer, however when the eBay integration is ran it is 'replacing' the sales rep.  There is a field in Sales Rep : Replace all fields.  Can anyone please advise how to set up this field from NS into the Celige eBay Integration?


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    Hello Sean O'Hare

    Thanks for writing to us. Please allow me to help you here, 

    To confirm, we are basically discussing about the Customer Import to NetSuite right ? And also, to clarify, we don't support the "Overwrite" functionality on any record (either SalesOrder or Customer) for the field "Sales Rep". We will only import / create the respective record if any mapping exists for the particular field, else we depend on NetSuite to render the value based on Parent customer or Customer records. 

    And as well to confirm, "Sales Rep: Replace All" mapping is meant to replace the existing the lines with the new data. This mapping basically accepts the boolean value i.e., True or False, if it's True, then it removes all the existing Sales Rep lines, and add the new data. And if it's False, then the flow basically add / update the incoming data. 

    Please review this and let us for any further questions. 



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