Export from Amazon MWS to CSV



  • Rohit Gupta Product Management Director

    Hi Adam,

    The Amazon MWS "Form View" has limited resources as you said but you can switch the "Form View" to HTTP to pull any Amazon report. Is there a specific report for Inventory you are looking to pull? 

  • Adam Ashworth

    Thanks for responding! The Amazon inventory reports don’t seem to have full inventory details (bullet points, weights, dimensions, keywords, etc) and was curious if that could be pulled using Celigo and the API. The fact the “resources” section of the export is limited to orders seems to point to no, but I figure it was worth asking!

  • Rohit Gupta Product Management Director

    If the Amazon API allows, you can definitely pull the information. 

    Here's a suggestion on how you can approach this:

    1. Use  Amazon MWS "Form View" and Orders API to preview a sample record. You can see the Request URL, HTTP request headers.
    2. Switch to HTTP "Form View" and construct a similar GET API call to fetch other reports related to Inventory etc.



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