How to work with aggregate data



  • Abhinav Kaushal

    I am also facing same issue where I need to store the data from a work flow till all the records are processed. Somehow, either CSV export or some cache option if available, make this data available to subsequent flow.


    I tried to use the CSV export, thinking of writing as temp file and read it in subsequent flows but I see performance issues with that as well.


    So, any work around where I can temp store all values from a variable of all record till first work flow finsih running will help.

  • Orion Abrams Technical Implementation Consultant

    Justin Lee,

    You can use a preSave JS hook (on the export) to iterate over all data objects. The caveat is that it can be limited from the maximum page size from your source data. Taking NetSuite as an example, you can set the page size in the export advanced settings to a maximum of 10,000 and then use a preSave to target up to 10,000 objects in an exported data array (1 page) together. 


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