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    Hi, David Romstad. I'll have to leave it other Community members who've gone down this road before to offer tips on error visibility and – if we're lucky – code snippets.

    I did want to reply with a couple alternatives that might get you closer to your goal in the meantime:

    1. If your account has API management and you'd upgraded to Error Management 2.0, then you can access errors programmatically through the errors API. (There's also a template in the Marketplace with sample code.)
    2. Some third-party APIs have a validation, or /errors, endpoint. If so, you could do a lookup via that URI after your import step and handle the records returned accordingly, returning them to the flow's errors. (The Orderful – NetSuite template contains examples of this method of error-handling in the NetSuite to Orderful flows, assuming you have accounts to those apps to be able to install the template.)
  • Lucian Hymer Senior Solutions Consultant

    Hey David,

    I think this article should show you how to do exactly what you're asking about. You're correct that you should use a postSubmit hook.


  • David Romstad
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    Thank you both for your responses. This had pointed me in the right direction. 


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