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NetSuite Landed Cost Mapping



  • Kate Larson Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
    Celigo University Level 3: Master

    Hristina Bendeva,
    Sorry for the belated acknowledgement, but thank you for posting your challenge to the community. It looks like you are currently working with Celigo Support on a resolution. When that is complete, we would greatly appreciate you posting an update here.

  • LYSI Consulting

    Hi, has there been any status updates on resolution?  We are facing the same issue with no resolve.  Would love to know if this has been solved.


  • Hristina Bendeva NetSuite Integration Whiz
    Awesome Follow-up
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hello LYSI Consulting

    We have found a solution to this problem:

    1. Since my Role "Celigo Full Access w/o 2FA [Locked]" was locked, I have replicated same Role and created new one from this Role.
    2. In the new created Role I have enabled "ENABLE ESTIMATED LANDED COST" checkbox.
    3. After that I have updated Account in NetSuite that have Administrator privilegies and grand access to the new created Role from step#2.
    4. Create Access Token with updated Administrator user from step#3 with new created Role from step#2.
    5. Create new NS Connection with generated Token ID and Token Secret from step#4.
    6. In the mapping to NetSuite you need to map the "Landed Cost per Line" and "Items : Calculate Est. Landed Cost" fields with hardcoded value to "true"


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