How to configure inventory detail subrecord on Item Fulfillment



  • Cory Anderson
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    Brian - usually you need to also assign a Bin or Lot Number with the Inventory Detail additions. One thing you can try is to manually create the IF in NS and then take note of the fields that are required. Then you make sure that those are mapped in the flow. 

  • Brian Davis

    Cory - Thanks for your response. I have been manually creating the Item Fulfillments and we do not use Bin or Lot Numbers. Every field that is required in the UI is mapped in Celigo. I think the issue is due to how the subrecord mapping is set up, but I'm not sure. Thanks.

  • Muneswara Thotakura NetSuite Integration Whiz Salesforce Integration Whiz Software Engineer
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    Hi Brian,
         If you are still stuck at the sub-record mappings, Please refer to the document below, it is included step by step. I think your mapping item name in sub-record mappings that's may be the issue for the sublist error. 


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