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Enhancement request: Stop flow if lookup retrieves no records



  • Aishwarya M J Referral Partner

    Hi Stephen Brandt,

    Is the mentioned enhancement achieved? I am facing the same problem. I need to ignore/disregard the records that do not give a result on the Lookup step and prevent it from passing on to next step in the flow.

    Please suggest a solution.


  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Celigo University Level 3: Master

    Hi, Aishwarya M J. The original suggestion was captured for our customer-requested features, and I'm adding your upvote to it. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. 

    I've asked around a bit, and it seems that Steve had correctly narrowed down the solutions to a JavaScript hook, if that's an option to get your flow unblocked. 


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