Accessing line_item properties in handlebars



  • Jolyon Blazey
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    line_items[*].X as above in shopify order json was the important syntax change that made handlebars work for me in the context of a line item (Items: custom field name) for Netsuite sales order . Example code

    {{#each line_items[*].properties}}  
    {{#compare name '==' 'discountA'}}
    {{split value ":" 1}};
    {{else compare name '==' 'discountB'}}
    {{split value ":" 1}};
  • Balasubramanian Mahadevan Community manager Senior Technical Writer
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    Jolyon Blazey Just wanted to understand if you are facing the issue with the handlebars in a flow using the Shopify - NetSuite integrated app or is this issue surfacing while using a custom flow. Let us know so that we can direct your query to the appropriate team.


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