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NetSuite Sale Order lookup is returning incorrect error message - A mapping error occurred. More than one match for \"[\"otherrefnum\"



  • Orion Abrams Technical Implementation Consultant

    Hi Cory,

    It's possible that you have inactive records with the same "otherrefnum" (usually PO# on a sales order), or that you have a multi-subsidiary NetSuite and the flow was checking all subsidiaries, where the UI search was not. 

  • Cory Anderson
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    There is only one subsidiary. The saved search that I ran to find all records with that number would have come back with all records regardless of status. Also, I am not aware of an 'Inactive' option on transactions. They only have status. 

  • Orion Abrams Technical Implementation Consultant

    Ah, ok. I just noticed something else -- otherrefnum is an integer field, so you have to use "equalto" instead of "is" in the filter.


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