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  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Hi David Romstad - It looks like you created a Support ticket for this, which is a good way to proceed. Once it's resolved if you have a minute to post a follow-up here in case anyone else runs in to this down the line, it's most appreciated. Thanks!


  • David Romstad
    Celigo University Level 1: Skilled
    Awesome Follow-up

    Response from the support ticket.

    The reason why it is only showing 1 record is that Celigo processes the job per record.
    For viewing purposes, if you want to see all the records in your PostResponseMapData, you need to copy all the records shown in your export and copy them to your PostResponseMapData.

    Although, please do note that when you run the flow, Celigo will still process them one record at a time.

    This is solved by manually putting in the data that is missing into the JSON object of the PostResponse Hook and then previewing the data. 

  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Thanks so much for the follow-up, David Romstad!


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