Netsuite Bin transfer not support inventory detail?



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    Ravi Pratap Singh Senior Product Manager

    George Cheng Cory Anderson Justin Bodin Johnson Lin "Inventory Details" subrecord is supported in Bin Transfer Record type. 

  • Uma Lakshmi Kanth Garimella Lead Engineer
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    Hey Johnson Lin Unfortunately, inventory subrecord is not supported for "Bin Transfer" record.

    I've created an enhancement for the same(IO-24766). We'll try to fix this in an upcoming release. I'll keep this thread updated once we have this supported in the product.

  • Justin Bodin
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary
    Great Answer

    I'd really like to see this enhancement happen too. I might be confused, but not sure the purpose of a bin transfer import if you can't set inventory detail. Thanks!

  • Cory Anderson Strategic Partner NetSuite Integration Whiz
    Salesforce-NetSuite IA Certification
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary
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    Amazon-NetSuite IA Certification

    I've just come across a use case for inventory detail subrecord on a Bin Transfer. Since this isn't supported yet we will not be able to use io for this need. Hopefully it will come soon. 

  • George Cheng

    Is the bin transfer is available on Celigo now?



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