Special Characters within Amazon Seller SKU (Double Quote)


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  • Mina Banoub Strategic Partner
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    The recommended approach to resolve is to implement the flowing handlebar as an expression within the order flow:

    {{#if OrderItem.*.SellerSKU }}{{{replace OrderItem.*.SellerSKU '\"' '"'}}}{{else}}{{{OrderItem.0.SellerSKU}}}{{/if}}

    This accounts for scenarios where one item is on the order, as well as when multiple items are on the order. The code will remove the backslash escape character and expects to see the quote in the NetSuite item or alias record name.

    *Note as of 2/15/22, IA has a limitation which cannot allow a handlebar expression to be the first mapping item, so the quantity ordered mapping value should be moved up to occur before the item lookup.


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