line level location mapping issue



  • Shashank Reddy Samala QA Engineer


    The node which you had mentioned doesn't give valid location details to pick the orders, as there are unique fulfillment orders for each line item, the location we use is a different node in .json i.e., "assigned_location_id" , 
    1. Please enable the "pos" setting to see the data and also there would be no change to the static locations that you had mentioned.
    So, please can you use the handlebar mentioned below for both item : location and also inventory location,
    Please let us know anything that is required.
    Thank you,
    {{#if source_name}}{{#comapre source_name '===' 'pos'}}{{line_items[*].fulfillment_orders.[0].assigned_location_id}}{{/compare}}{{/if}}
  • Sujit Desai Referral Partner
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    Shashank Reddy Samala, how will this handlebar work when order source is not POS, cause we do want to map locations for Web orders (BOPIS Orders). Also please elaborate about the POS settings. Are there any other settings apart from the ones located in :

    Order >> Settings >> POS

    I have enabled these ones to process BOPIS orders. Where can I see the data of these orders. I do not see assigned location field in regular Order JSON from shopify admin. Can you put screenshots of this process?

  • Shashank Reddy Samala QA Engineer


    There are not other setting for POS, when enabling the BOPIS setting in "POS", Shopify On-Demand flow helps to get access of fulfillment order details, here assigned location is able to see in the preMap data which is pulled from the NetSuite, i.e., for the POS order when you create it, it give access to the location where to fulfill it, so On-Demand flow helps to capture the location and in NetSuite it capture it as "assigned_location", 


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