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Shopify Order to NS Sales Order (Create Customer) - Cast to String failed for value "[ '19' ]" at path "default" when setting a default value for customer "tags" on NetSuite mandatory multiple select field




    Hello Alex Placito

    This is Khaisar from Celigo team. Please allow me to answer your query. 

    We generally get this error when we are unable to save the setting / form due to some configuration issues. As per our initial understanding of the error, we tried with a mapping which has a lookup (Static or Dynamic), with a default value and the mapping is for the Internal Id value i.e., "Customer Market (Internal Id)". We are able to reproduce the error in this scenario. Can you please confirm if your setup is also as same as this. 

    Also, we found an alternate solution for this issue i.e., to map the Name value of the field instead of Internal Id i.e., "Customer Market (Name)".
    What we recommend is to change the mapping from "Customer Market (Internal Id)" to "Customer Market (Name)", and make necessary changes to lookup values, and then use the default value. 

    Please review this and let us know if anything is required. 

  • Alex Placito NetSuite Integration Whiz
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi - yes, this did work for me. Thank you. Of course it is not ideal, because if these list options ever change to a slightly different wording, then the integration will break. I'd still be interested in a proper fix using internal ID, if there is one.


    Thanks for the feedback Alex Placito Yes, we will definitely consider to fix this in the product even with Internal Id mappings. I am having discussion with the respective team internally and should be fixed in the coming releases.

    Please let us know for any further queries. 


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