Enhancement Request: Stamp File Attachment with Date Time



  • Pulkit Jain

    We are facing issues due to this as all the files go to the same cabinet it is overwriting the existing files with same names like Invoice, PO on netsuite and hence the Sales orders are showing the wrong files

  • sushil patil Senior Product Manager
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    Can you help us with identifying what are the objects/records that are facing this issue. Wanted to understand the reason of why a file with same name is being attached to SF opportunity, if it's already being synced?

    Would be great if you could provide some more details here.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Hi Sushil these are files from different opportunities . Some commonly used words for file names are (PO, Invoice) since in netsuite its all stored in the same cabinet the older one gets replaced during the sync of the nes one. 

  • Jeff Rotella

    Yes we definitely need this. Often we will get a Vendor Quote or Client Purchase Order with a generic name, like "purchaseorder.pdf"

    Our team always uploads the file to the Salesforce Opportunity and expect it to sync to NetSuite files on the Sales Order. If the name is already being used in an existing NetSuite file, that older file gets attached to the Sales Order, leading to confusion for our purchasing team.

    A datetime stamp would resolve this, or the ability to do a custom handlebar based on our needs, e.g. "Customer Name - filename - datetime"


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