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Export files from ftp server created after a date



  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    The short answer is that there is no simple way to accomplish this, and this is def a good enhancement request to support our delta flow concept for file transfers too.  I will pass this along to the product management team.

    Here is 1 workaround that might help.

    Instead of having all the new and existing files together in 1 folder on the ftp server, would it be possible to have all new files uploaded into a separate folder first on the ftp server, and then the flow could export files from this folder, and then there is a setting in the Advanced section to backup files (see pic below), and then you can set the backup folder to the main folder where all the other files are, etc...

  • Aishwarya M J Referral Partner

    Scott Henderson

    Thanks You so much for your reply. I will go ahead with this idea of new folder for new files.


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