Celigo Custom Settings working in query preview and not working at the integration run time and export preview



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  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    I don't have access to a MS SQL database, but I tested the ability to use custom settings for Snowflake and PostgreSQL, and they both work fine.

    It looks like you are trying to execute multiple query statements in the same export. This is not supported currently. Can you try removing the '{{#each' handlebars, and run just a single query to see if just the very basic ability to inject a custom setting value into a MS SQL query is working? If this does not work, then we will get a bug logged on your behalf.

    The work around for running multiple queries is to use multiple bubbles, and then in your case, each bubble can run a different 'time'. I know this is annoying having to duplicate things, and hopefully we will deliver the enhancement to execute multiple query statements in a single bubble soon-ish.



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