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Configuring integration's notifications through API request




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    Akhilesh Goyal Product Manager
    Answer Pro
    Great Answer

    Hello Philippe,

    Currently, we do not have any plans to enable this via API, we recommend users to login into and then set up the Notifications.


    Akhilesh Goyal

  • Anitha Abraham Community manager Principal Technical Writer

    Philippe Foisy hope that worked for you! We'd love to hear from you to fix any gap in the documentation. 

  • Philippe Foisy
    Awesome Follow-up

    Hi Anitha Abraham, 

    Haven't tried anything to be honest. I was hoping to get a straight yes/no answer :)

    As far as I've looked, the /notifications endpoint that is used in the UI assumes the existence of a user session to know who should be notified when an event occurs. There's no obvious way to provide a user identifier

    Any help would be appreciated as it would allow us to deploy integrations, flows, exports and imports from our consuming platform fully without needing to log into Celigo to do touchups

    Regards :)

  • Philippe Foisy
    Awesome Follow-up

    Hi Akhilesh Goyal,

    Thank you for this official statement. We'll make do :)


  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    Top Contributor

    Unofficially, there is an API for everything in the UI, and you can always use the same API externally.  For notifications, I recommend doing a GET with Postman, and then you should be able to piece together how it works by setting up the notifications that you want in the UI, and then see how it is modeled by the API.

    This risk of using one of these unofficial APIs is that we (Celigo) reserve the right to change them at any time without notice, but the odds of these type things changing is pretty low.



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