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Edit Import Data Mapping



  • Amanjot Singh Senior Product Manager

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for sharing the feedback. We don't support this functionality right now. Could you help me understand how the ability to edit mapping independent of flow would help you? 

    Best Regards


  • bill budwitz
    Celigo University Level 1: Skilled

    i am using some import & exports through the MyAPI interfaces only, so they are not part of a flow.   SO in order to edit the mappings i have to add the import/export to a flow in order to edit the data map.  not a biggie at the end of the day.  just curious i guess.



  • Amanjot Singh Senior Product Manager

    Thank you for sharing. I can see the value of this use case. TBH It's the first time I've encountered this ask. I've added it to the product backlog. I will post future updates on this thread. 

    Best Regards,


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