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About shopify returns and exchanges



  • Sree Vani Amara Senior Product Manager

    Hi Belle,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    1. Currently we do not have an out of the box solution to support this use case. This can be achieved through a custom flow.
    2. Could you help me understand your use case in more detail? Is this specific to exchanges on the POS? we currently support syncing order edits to NetSuite Sales order, please refer to the documentation here.  
    3. Is this referring to Chargebacks in Shopify Payouts? If yes, we import the chargeback. We don't apply it to any transaction in NetSuite, rather we import it as Other Deposits line with Memo as Chargebacks.


  • Belle Bolido

    Hi Sree,

    Thank you for your response. For #2 question, scenario would be example below.

    in shopify, order created with item123 and paid by customer
    netsuite sales order created (via celigo)
    customer deposit created (via celigo)
    invoice created (via celigo)
    shopify order updated (e.g., replacing item123 with item456)

    How to configure Celigo to update NS sales order and invoice to update with the new item, and update the customer deposit if needed?

  • Belle Bolido

    Another question is about Promotions. Can we bring NetSuite Promotion to Shopify? In another client's Celigo, I don't see a Promotion code standard flow.


    Can we bring shopify orders that have promotions and discounts at cart and line level to NS sales order? If shopify orders have been updated, will the NS sales order update as well in relation to promotions and discounts? eg. original order without promotion but updates with cart level promotion and different discount at line level. 

  • Sree Vani Amara Senior Product Manager

    Hi Belle,

    We can sync order edits to NetSuite Sales Order by following the below steps
    • In the line of “Shopify Order to NetSuite Sales Order/Cash Sale”, click the gear-like icon to show the flow settings window
    • In the Filter orders by* setting, select Last updated time.
    • Check the Sync Shopify edited order data to NetSuite box and save
    Note: Currently POS order edits are not supported.

    In case of negative adjustments like removing the line item, as NS doesn't allow to remove the billed lines, the flow will create a refund record for the respective line. In case of a positive adjustment, the flow will check if the order is updated, then the new line item is added to the existing Sales Order. Remaining downstream flows like billing need to be handled manually.

    Can you please help us understand the use case related to Shopify order edits in relation to promotions and discounts? As some discounts aren't recalculated after you edit an order in Shopify. 

    Thank you.

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