Receiving HTTP Response after flow is completed




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    It is not possible for a "Listener" step in a flow (i.e. a webhook bubble in flow builder) to wait until the flow is done processing before returning an HTTP response. For webhooks, the primary purpose of the listener step is to let the sending application know as quickly as possible that the data has been safely persisted, and then processing of the data will be done afterward.

    If you do need to send data back to the sender application after the flow is complete, then the easiest way to do this is via adding a new flow step to the end of your flow.

    It is worth noting that you can also build your own APIs (i.e. we call them MyAPIs) where you can have everything run in a single synchronous HTTP request and response -- where you have total control in your JavaScript functions how the data is processed by different exports and imports and then returned back to the caller.  This is obviously much more technical to build and maintain, but for the use cases where you absolutely need a single synchronous HTTP request and response to chain together multiple flow steps, then this is the solution.

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    Thanks for the clear answer Scott! I think the API would be a good approach to use in my case.
    Would have been nice if there was a "accept solution" on the forum :)


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