Checking Celigo Connection Users



  • Anitha Abraham Community moderator Principal Technical Writer
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    Shamali Raut, thanks for the post! I've moved it to the "Troubleshoot custom flows" forum for better visibility.

  • Nuri Ensing NetSuite Integration Whiz
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    If you run a flow that is connecting with Netsuite then you can see in Netsuite: Customization > Scripting > Script Execution Logs which User is getting used for that connection.

  • Scott Henderson CTO
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    I would think NetSuite has a way to audit all the employees/users with API access, and all the API tokens that have been provisioned in the NetSuite account, including seeing all the API calls being made, etc... I think auditing something like this extends beyond Celigo since NetSuite API tokens can be used by other external applications.  It might be worth checking NetSuite docs and/or contacting NetSuite support.

  • Shamali Raut

    thanks for the information here.


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