Netsuite Sales Orders to Shopify - Order Location



  • Saikumar Rachamalla Principal Technical Writer

    Thanks for working with Support on this issue!

    Happy posting!

  • Mauricio De la Torre

    Saikumar Rachamalla irhene umali Do you guys have an update on this? Thanks! 

  • Saikumar Rachamalla Principal Technical Writer

    Mauricio De la Torre I have gone through the support ticket raised by Paul Anderson and understood that the issue was related to Shopify. Here is the summary:

    For some reason, Shopify interpreted the location incorrectly. We recommended reaching out to Shopify Support and check why the data we passed to Shopify is not reflected. Prior to that, please make sure that the Settings > General> Map NetSuite locations with Shopify locations setting in your integration app have been correctly mapped to the right locations. 

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, please raise a support ticket and we are happy to help.



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