Adding notes in dashboard view
2 votes 2 comments
Webhook Debugger Logs - change Time displayed value?
1 vote 1 comment
Error Management 2.0 Run History filtering
1 vote 4 comments
HubSpot Connector Contact Email field
0 votes 2 comments
Dreaming of Expressions in output transformations....
0 votes 1 comment
Can we get all errors using API Error management 2.0?
1 vote 2 comments
Ability for Administrator Role to View Stacks
0 votes 0 comments
Implement Job Timeout at the Flow Level
3 votes 0 comments
Enhancement request: Stop flow if lookup retrieves no records
6 votes 4 comments
Adding notes to a flow
0 votes 4 comments
Better XML Parsing
4 votes 0 comments
Support for SAML
5 votes 0 comments
Error Management 2.0 API Enhancement Request Completed
0 votes 2 comments
Support for NetSuite subsidiary 'mainaddress' subrecord
0 votes 0 comments
I can't seem to find FTP file name in fields data to map into NetSuite Planned
0 votes 2 comments
How to register custom handlebars helper
4 votes 5 comments
Suggestion: In-flow configured email notifications
1 vote 1 comment
Reading file contents from Netsuite File Cabinet
2 votes 5 comments
Ability to switch back to the old dash board that was useful Not planned
1 vote 2 comments
File transfer support for wrappers
1 vote 0 comments
Realtime FTP Exports
1 vote 0 comments
Add string.right Handlebar helper Planned
1 vote 4 comments
Suggested Feature - Conditional Blocks Planned
3 votes 3 comments
Ability to order Transformation rules Planned
4 votes 0 comments
Snowflake Run Multiple Statements in One Import
1 vote 0 comments
Snowflake Run Once per Flow ONLY After All Records Leading up to it are Complete Planned
1 vote 4 comments
Schedule Webhooks
1 vote 6 comments
Support for JS libraries in script editors Completed
9 votes 5 comments
Ability to Adjust Errors History
0 votes 3 comments
View more than one object in the preview when adding hooks
1 vote 0 comments