New Product portal in for enhancement requests Pinned
0 votes 0 comments
Skip Aggregation for EDI Missing
0 votes 13 comments
Add delay function
13 votes 7 comments
Ability to change a connection on a flow step Completed
4 votes 7 comments
Schedule Webhooks
1 vote 6 comments
Ability to review all connection errors (after initial login) Completed
0 votes 5 comments
Version control for scripts Completed
7 votes 5 comments
Using exports.runVirtualWithPaging
0 votes 4 comments
HTTP Relative URI Length Limit Completed
0 votes 4 comments
Error Management 2.0 Run History filtering
1 vote 4 comments
Adding notes to a flow
0 votes 4 comments
Reading file contents from Netsuite File Cabinet
1 vote 4 comments
Add string.right Handlebar helper Planned
0 votes 4 comments
Snowflake Run Once per Flow ONLY After All Records Leading up to it are Complete Planned
1 vote 4 comments
Support for JS libraries in script editors
8 votes 4 comments
Ability to set my own inactivity timeout or extend the default timeout inactivity period Not planned
4 votes 4 comments