Please vote up the enhancements that are most valuable to you! Pinned
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I can't seem to find FTP file name in fields data to map into NetSuite
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Suggestion: In-flow configured email notifications
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Reading file contents from Netsuite File Cabinet
1 vote 3 comments
Ability to switch back to the old dash board that was useful
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File transfer support for wrappers
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Realtime FTP Exports
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Add string.right Handlebar helper
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Suggested Feature - Conditional Blocks Planned
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Ability to order Transformation rules
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Snowflake Run Multiple Statements in One Import
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Snowflake Run Once per Flow ONLY After All Records Leading up to it are Complete
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Schedule Webhooks
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Support for JS libraries in script editors
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Ability to Adjust Errors History
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View more than one object in the preview when adding hooks
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Enhance Cloning Options
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Ability to add PreSave hooks on Imports
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Difference between CR LF, LF and CR line break types?
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See output of mapping
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Add delay function
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Ability to change export transformation order (make draggable) in UI
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Microsoft Connectors
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Ability to set my own timeout or extend default
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Add another connector for NetSuite that uses the ODBC connection to limit concurrency
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Consolidated Dashboard for active flows
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View errors on hover from Dashboard Completed
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Ability to review all connection errors (after initial login) Completed
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Can we get a Pardot app?
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Ability to reproduce an error when error is resolved by mistake Completed
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