Sync inventory from NetSuite to eBay



  • Ivan Parada

    Can the "NetSuite Inventory to eBay Inventory Add/Update" end the eBay listing when the quantity of the inventory drop to 0 in NetSuite?

  • Rohit Gupta

    Hi Ivan, thanks for asking this question & sorry for my delay in getting back to you. This is Rohit Gupta, Product Manager for our eBay - NetSuite connector. Presently, the connector does not end the eBay listing when the inventory drops to 0 in NetSuite. In fact, eBay auto-expires the listing after 3 consecutive billing periods (90 days) if the inventory is not re-stocked by then.

    Keeping this in mind and based on feedback from our other customers, we recently released a feature that syncs up all the expired/ended listings in eBay (auto-expired by eBay or manually ended by the admin) to NetSuite and marks the corresponding listings in NetSuite as expired, giving you full visibility of such listings in NetSuite. The above article covers the specifics in the newly added section "eBay Ended Listings to NetSuite Update".

    Having said that, I'm very open to hearing your thoughts if you'd want to wait for eBay to expire the listing by itself while you still have 90 days to restock OR still think there are good reasons for the connector to provide you the ability to end listings on-demand?


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