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  • NicholasKeicher

    Unfortunately this does not work, neither do the instructions provide the correct steps and/or information on how to get this setup.

    UPDATE: Was able to get to work, please note the following:

    -Create an App in Box, select User Authentication (OAuth 2.0) as the type of Custom App. This allows you to enter the redirect URI.

    -Make sure to Enable through your Admin Console in Box (Admin -> Apps-> Custom Apps Manager : Enable the app you created)

    -In Box, if you give the app full permissions in Configuration->Application Scopes, you cannot use Celigos "sign_requests.readwrite" option (this might be for something yet I have not dug into). Remove that, then authenticate in Celigo and it works

    -In Box, the "Make API calls using as-user headers" checked or unchecked under Advanced Features did not affect connection to Celigo

    -The "root" folder in Box for Directory Path in Celigos Box Setup is "All Files" (for me at least), to which you can then expand to your other folder (example : All Files/Test Files)



  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Thanks, NicholasKeicher, for the update and for sharing your trial-and-error with other customers. We'll work on improving the Box configuration portion of this article, as well as adding export and import examples as time permits. 


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