Shopify - NetSuite integration app release notes, 2023.9.1



  • Tyler Barrick

    I have a case about this of course but I am struggling with the following:

    "LIMITATION: The setting doesn't support syncing of multiple discounts from Shopify to NetSuite when line (product) level script discounts are combined with other line (product) level discounts."

    We have always combined Script Level Line Discounts from Shopify with other line level discounts, typically discount codes. This has worked since we implemented Celigo and Shopify.

    We post discounts to NetSuite as a Discount Line item on a new line below the original line.

    After this update we only receive the first discount, the scripted line level discount, resulting in every sale order that is combined with a discount code to error on the billing/capture flow after we fulfill and run billing in NetSuite.

    The release notes show this was a fix particularly to the Shipping line discount settings but we do not use that. 

    Is this a bug? I can see all relevant discount lines in the data they just stopped summing when posting to NetSuite. Can you help me find a workaround?

  • Nilesh Kumar Senior Product Manager
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary

    Hi Tyler
    The intension of blocking product level discount combination with Script discounts(applied at product level) was to obey the limitation of product discount combination with other product discounts as per Shopify documentation on allowed discount combination.
    We understand from your comment that Merchants are leveraging the combination of product level script discount with other product level discount.

    We have taken this request in consideration. May I request you to raise a support ticket so that we can communicate promptly once this combination is supported in the Integration application.

  • Tyler Barrick

    Thanks Nilesh, 
    It looks like the combo presented in the Shopify Documentation should be supported:

    Product discount
    Product discount (applied to different products)

    They do not explicitly mention scripted vs non scripted discount because I think the intention is that they work the same.
    197370 - Case is opened


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