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    Did you intend to put a list after the sentence, "By default, it fetches Items records based on the following criteria."

    I think I start getting lost there. I modified a search, but I'm not sure what are reasonable values to add.

    And, If you would please add something before step 1 of Configure and sync NetSuite Items to Salesforce Products , "Go to Settings > Product > Advanced Settings"  that those steps are for Celigo. That would have saved me 20 minutes or more, plus frustration and embarrassment.

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    Hi METER Group,

    Thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry that was unclear! I've updated the text and am checking on your question.

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    By default, the flow will sync non-inventory, inventory, service, kit and assembly item types using Celigo Salesforce (IO) Item Export saved search in NetSuite.
    You may create a saved search to customise the criteria and select it in Select item records using selection in Settings > Product > Advanced Settings > NetSuite to Salesforce tab.
    In our new UI, the saved search selection Select item records using is in Flows > Product > Configure Product > NetSuite to Salesforce tab.

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    Thank you for making those changes - that is helpful. 

    This is a low priority because I can't reproduce it, but something you might want to file away in case someone else can verify it. When I first used the default Celigo Salesforce (IO) Item Export saved search in NetSuite, it didn't return any records. I used the interface (Settings > Product > Advanced Settings > NetSuite to Salesforce tab) and in the dropdown "NetSuite Items to Sync" I selected 4 of the item types. Note: I did not realize that my selection here would actually make changes to the saved search (as an aside, this might be something you explain in your article above). 

    I pasted the the resulting search criteria into this email for reference. The problem (and the point of this story) is that the first Type criterion did not get deleted from the search; I had to remove it manually in order to make the search work - it appeared to conflict with and supersede the third criterion. 





    is Non-inventory Item


    is false


    is any of Non-inventory Item, Inventory Item, Kit/Package, Assembly

    Pricing : Currency

    is US Dollar

    Send as test record to IO (Custom)

        (i.e. in the ^Custom tab)

    is true

    Pricing : Price Level

    is Base Price

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    I do have one other question. There are 2 fields in this mapping that are not part of my NS item record:, and

    If those aren't described in a different document, this would be a great place. If they are described somewhere else, I would love it if you could point me to it. I'd really like to know how they are used, how they are supposed to be added, and what are the consequences if I delete them from the flow mapping.



  • Docs Support

    Thank you for your feedback. We have edited the article to mention that the dropdown "NetSuite Items to Sync" impacts the saved search. We are aware that the first criterion is not overridden and have raised a support case with NetSuite to resolve this.  

    You may remove if you are not using it.

    The field is useful if you are using Contract Renewals add on. For more details, please see the section on Impact on Products in this article :

  • Shalini Nerella

    Hi Courtney Jordan,

    I have observed that the items with Price Levels from NetSuite are getting created in Salesforce for the first time but in case of any update I am receiving "The Price definition already exists in the Price Book" Field Integrity Exception. Can you suggest what could be the issue?


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