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  • PSA Admin

    Excellent article as I get into more javascript hooks. Question: in testing and using the preview functionality of the j-hook window, is there a way to preview with more than a single object in the data[] array? Even with "All" selected in the initial export flow step, I only get data[0].

    Thank you!

    Jim Kelleher

    (As an aside, love that you use i, j, and k as iteration variables. Takes me back to my Fortran days.)

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi PSA Admin!
    Thanks so much for the great feedback! Speaking of old languages, I still try to forget my COBOL days! ;-D I'm checking into the answer on this for you and will get back to you asap.

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi PSA Admin,

    For now, you need to copy and paste or type in additional records into the data[] arg. We're looking at having the ability to preview more than one record in the export panel for next year, which will make this process easier. You letting us know about this need is helping us consider adding the ability to pull more than one record into the Advanced Field Editors (AFEs), so thank you!

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  • Shane Brown

    I would also like the same functionality described by PSA Admin. Whenever I need to test against more than one object I must copy it from the debugger and then paste it into the template. It would save a lot of time to have this functionality.

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi Shane Brown,

    Thanks so much for letting us know. Could you post this enhancement idea to our community in the enhancement requests area? We are working on a feature to store and view sample data throughout the flow to show how it's being impacted at each step, as a result of PSA Admin's insights in improving this experience. Would you be interested in previewing what we're designing now? 

    PSA Admin, we're already planning to show you what we're working on :). Thank you so much for your invaluable help!

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