Export files from an FTP server



  • Michael Pilgrim

    How can we set the import to consume only 1 file at a time per for run. Meaning, if there are 2 files, it picks up oldest first, then the next run it would pick up the remaining file.

  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Michael Pilgrim, thanks for the question. 

    Right now, FTP exports either pick up every file in the directory or only the matching files that you filter by name. integrator.io has no built-in counter/limit or sorting by file specification.

    You could, of course, control what's in that directory at the time of the flow run, but that's probably not easily automated by your integration or in advance of it. 

    It is possible to know which file any record was sourced from, assuming you're dealing with parsed data. There might be an opportunity for writing a hook that would extract/convert a date or sequential number from the filename and filter records for subsequent imports. 

  • Eric Mushrush

    Can we use the FTP connector to move other file types from an FTP folder and move them to a Google Shared Drive folder?  The current list of file types is short and we need the ability to transfer image files every day from our bank's SFTP folder to our Google Shared Drive.

  • Dinesh Chaudhary

    The no. of data I have on the export side is 5000, I want to create 5 XML files each containing 1000 data in each.


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