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Upload a file or record as multipart/form-data



  • Bhushan Rane

    Quite helpful to understand multipart-form/data. Is an XML payload supported as well in the body? 

  • Stephen Brandt Docs Team Lead Community moderator

    Thanks for helping us to clarify and assist other readers, Bhushan Rane. Yes indeed, you may import XML-formatted records. 

  • Alaa Okby

    Hello Stephen,

    I did the same but I got from this error and I don't know why 

    (The body does not have valid data required for multipart/form-data request. Details=Invalid json string provided for body.)
  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Hi, Alaa Okby. I started a support ticket so that our team can try to look at the data you're submitting. (I'll keep an eye on it to see if anything in this article might have misled you.)

    I would hope that the field editor might have alerted you to any JSON syntax errors, so there is probably an issue elsewhere in your flow – or perhaps something unique in your destination app's requirements. 

  • Alaa Okby

    actually, the error prevents me from saving the module so that is before running the flow.


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