Sync billing information from NetSuite to Magento 2



  • Ted Seward

    YOUR Images are out of date! Not relative to the existing version.   

    I have no idea what this means for "Authorization Code/Transaction Id" Does it mean it could be both, or it needs to be in that format, or could it use either (Authorization Code or Transaction ID) to process the Cash Sale in NS? Also, the Paypal integration does not have any field called Authorization Code on the transaction details.  

    The only fields I have on the Transaction for PayPal:


    The instruction above does not CLEARLY explain what fields need to be populated with what fields from M2.

  • Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    Ted Seward Thank you for letting us know. We will work on updating the document and let you know soon!
    Sree Vani AmaraKHAISAR AHMAD while we update the doc, could you please clarify Ted Seward about the query?
    Thank you!


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