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Register connections



  • METER Group
    Celigo University Level 1: Skilled

    You say that registering a connection is not applicable for standalone flows or integration apps.  What else is there?  Templates?

  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
    Celigo University Level 4: Legendary
    Awesome Follow-up
    Top Contributor

    Hi METER Group,

    Thanks for letting us know that this article could be made clearer! You can only register connections for flows that are currently in an integration (not for standalone flows which are not in an integration). This also isn't available for integration apps. We are planning to allow replacing connections on any flow, as well as adding connections for integration apps.

  • Limebox User

    Does deregistering a connection do so just for the one integration on which you are working, and keep it for any other integrations in your account that may be using it?


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