Prerequisites: Configure general settings for NetSuite and Salesforce Currency, Items, and Products



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    w.r.t. "...Now, you can select a unique key for a NetSuite Item to match a Salesforce Product and see the Salesforce Id field on a NetSuite item (and vice-versa). By default, the Integration App picks up the Item Name/Number field as the Unique key for an Item in NetSuite; and the Product Code field as the Unique key for a Product in Salesforce. "

    In my General settings, the defaults (and indeed, the only possible choices) are

    Unique key for an Item in NetSuite:  Internal ID

    Unique key for a Product in Salesforce:  NetSuite Id

    If that is the same thing you wrote, I apologize. It is not intuitive to me, and I would be happy to be instructed further.


    Also, I don't have the flow “NetSuite Item Fulfillment to Salesforce Fulfillment”.  Has it been deprecated?


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    Hi Meter Group, 

    You may use the refresh icons on the right hand side to populate the dropdown. Please refer to the screenshot below. 

    NetSuite Item Fulfillment to Salesforce Fulfillment is available in Flows > Fulfilment section. It is available in the Premium edition of the integration application. 


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