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Prerequisites: Configure general settings for NetSuite and Salesforce Currency, Items, and Products



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    w.r.t. "...Now, you can select a unique key for a NetSuite Item to match a Salesforce Product and see the Salesforce Id field on a NetSuite item (and vice-versa). By default, the Integration App picks up the Item Name/Number field as the Unique key for an Item in NetSuite; and the Product Code field as the Unique key for a Product in Salesforce. "

    In my General settings, the defaults (and indeed, the only possible choices) are

    Unique key for an Item in NetSuite:  Internal ID

    Unique key for a Product in Salesforce:  NetSuite Id

    If that is the same thing you wrote, I apologize. It is not intuitive to me, and I would be happy to be instructed further.


    Also, I don't have the flow “NetSuite Item Fulfillment to Salesforce Fulfillment”.  Has it been deprecated?


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