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Configure role-based permissions for Salesforce-NetSuite (IO) integration app in NetSuite




  • Kenneth Welling

    Could you please explain the purpose of this Document? Is it intended to detail the Celigo IO Integration Admin role that comes with Bundle 20038?  Is it the permissions I should have in order to install the Integrator App? Is it the set of permissions users should have to work in NetSuite once I have the integrator App installed?

    And, what is the purpose of the of the Celigo IO Integration Admin Role that came with Bundle 20038?

    FYI, I had to add many permissions to the " Celigo IO Integration Admin Role " in order to align with this document.

    More importantly:

    Lists: Sales Campaigns does not exist

    Lists: Ship Items is actually Shipping Items

    Setup: Web Services does not exist (this also ripples to )


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  • Docs Support

    Purpose of the document is to list the permissions required in NetSuite to manage the integration application, in case you wish to set up a custom role. You may use Celigo Full Access role w/o 2FA role available with bundle 20038 as a reference. 

    Celigo IO integration Admin is an old role which has basic permissions required for managing integration app. We recommend you to use Celigo Full Access role w/o 2FA role because it excludes the 2FA privilege. 

    Please feel free to ignore Sale Campaigns and Web Services if it is not available in your NetSuite account. 

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  • Kenneth Welling

    Thank you so much for your response. It is super helpful. 

    I looked through the permissions in the 'Celigo Full Access w/o 2FA’ role.

    It appears that the ‘Celigo Full Access w/o 2FA’ role is missing (according to the list above):

    ^Lists-> ‘Billing Schedules’, ‘Subsidiaries’, ‘Tax Schedules’

    ^Setup-> ‘Access Token Management’, 

               -> 'Custom Fields' and 'Custom Lists' were only enabled for View, not Full

    ^Custom Record -> Celigo SFDC Lookups

    Are these not important, or should I add them?

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  • Docs Support

    'Subsidiaries' and 'Tax Schedules' are important for Salesforce-NetSuite IA.
    'Billing Schedule' is usually not required. 

    We recommend 'Custom Fields' and 'Custom Lists' to be changed to Full. 

    Our recommendation is to use ‘Celigo Full Access w/o 2FA’ role as a base, and add all available permissions in this article to ensure no issues in your setup.
    Some of these field permissions depend on your requirements, i.e. it depends on what you use or do not use in NetSuite. The above list is exhaustive, it assumes you are using all features.
    On the other hand, ‘Celigo Full Access w/o 2FA’ role encompasses the mandatory permissions required across all Celigo integrations. 

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