Configure role-based permissions for Salesforce-NetSuite (IO) integration app in Salesforce



  • Kenneth Welling

    None of the field-Level Security components exists. For example, I look under Salesforce Permissions for 'Account', but 'Account Balance' is not there, nor are any of the other components lists.


    Custom Object permissions also seems to have changed

  • Docs Support

    The field Account Balance is a custom field created during the Salesforce NetSuite (IO) integration app installation. The fields, components and custom objects will be available post installation.  

    Please let us know if you continue to face issues. 

  • Kenneth Welling

    I find them now - thank you.

    I'm not sure exactly where and for what purpose I'm supposed to set them. Are they vital for configuring the integrator, or are they for the the sales and support roles? 

    I have created a 'Celigo Integrator Permission Set' to capture them all - is that the best way to assign them to the users/profiles?

    And a couple questions about mechanics: (Ok, the first two of them are requests for clarification in the documentation)

    Two of the permissions do not exist for me - I suspect it is because I haven't enabled the functionality in SFDC. I would have spent less time looking for them if I had known that was a potential reality. General User Permissions ->'Allow View Knowledge' and 'Deliver UploadedFiles and Personal Content'

    Object Permissions -> Standard object permissions -> Price Books and Products do not have the option for "Modify All" and "View All"

    Some of the Field Level Security components exists twice - once as (IO), and once not. For example, Account->Channel Tier and Acccount->Channel Tier(IO) are both present in the list. Which one needs to be enabled for both Edit and Read?

    Field-Level Security component  Contracts -> NetSuite Renewal ID is not included in the list in the above

    Field-Level Security component Opportunity Product -> Pricing Type is Read only - cannot set 'Edit'

    Finally, The last section of this document, Custom Field-Level Security, does not match the preceding sections. The 'components' listed aren't items, they are lists or collections, and they can't be enabled for Edit/Read. I think. If so, can you clarify for me?

    Thank you for this interface letting me make comments, and answering questions.


  • Kenneth Welling

    sorry, I mis-typed - the potentially missing Field-Level Security component is  Contracts -> NetSuite Renewal Transaction Id (IO). 

  • METER Group
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    In the Apex Class Access section, These two look like V2 names. are they obsolete?  Should they be excluded from this IO document? They are not options in my SF installation.

    • netsuite_conn.CeligoRESTService
    • netsuite_conn.NetSuiteConnectorPackageInstall

    What about this  integrator_da.RealTimeExportBatch?  Why not integrator_da.RealTimeExportIO?

  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
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    Hi METER Group,

    Thanks for letting us know about this! We'll check with our SFNSIO experts and get back to you shortly. 


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