How determines when to email an error notification



  • Rob Riccio

    Kate Larson - is there a way to set the buffer time on auto-resolution ?  Most of the notices we get are followed shortly after by an 'Auto-Resolved' email. 

    Can we modify the waiting period (e.g. notify when error has not auto resolved in X min)?  This would save a lot of noise, and limit urgent attention to flows that actually need to be real-time as well as avoiding a 'cry-wolf' dynamic where the presumption is that most alerts do not actually need attention.

  • Kate Larson Senior UX Researcher Community moderator

    Rob Riccio Currently this is not configurable, but our Product team is evaluating needs for configurable notifications. This is a great suggestion in regard to auto-resolve behavior specifically, and I really appreciate you pointing out the impacts that receiving too many emails has. I'm adding your feedback to our backlog item for this work.

  • Rob Riccio

    Thanks Kate - your understanding of the difference that would make is much appreciated!


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