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Sync Salesforce accounts to NetSuite customers



  • Damon Betlow

    We are quoting out of NetSuite.  We don't want to create a closed won opportunity just to have the prospect sync over to NetSuite so we can quote...

  • Jagan Ganti Product Manager
    Celigo University Level 2: Seasoned

    Hello Damon, 

    If you just want the Salesforce Accounts sync'd to NetSuite Customers, you may remove the "Field specific qualification criteria" at export, making any create/update operations for Accounts at shall trigger the flow and create/update NetSuite Customer.

    + Nithin Gollapally

  • Damon Betlow

    I've removed the Field specific qualification criteria, but it still only seems to sync from Salesforce to NetSuite if there is a closed-won opportunity.

  • Nithin Gollapally QA Lead

    Hi Damon,

    Apologies for the delay in response, Ideally it should sync all the Salesforce Accounts created irrespective of Qualification criteria (as we have cleared it).

    Can you please confirm, if you have cleared the criteria on Account flow mentioned in the screenshot below?

    If it is yes, please go ahead and raise the celigo support case for further debugging of the behaviour



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