Preserve the order of records when using concurrency



  • Stephen Lemp

    If I'm using a string for my concurrency ID which may have spaces, do I need to include quotes around the template? For example, would this work: 


    Instead of:


    Or are the quotes unnecessary? 

  • Tom Santiago Principal Technical Writer Community moderator
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    Hi Stephen Lemp,

    If you add quotes in the manner you suggest above, the quotes will be added to the value extracted from the customer_name field.

    For example if the record is:

     "customer_name": "Bob Smith"

    '{{{customer_name}}}' would yield 'Bob Smith'.

    {{{customer_name}}} would yield Bob Smith.

  • Stephen Lemp

    Tom Santiago, thanks for responding. So my follow up question would be, how does a space affect concurrency lock id? Does the Lock ID allow for spaces?


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