Resolve Shopify error “Fulfillment payloads array size must be greater or equal to one” (error code: 422)



  • Francis Hernandez

    Since Celigo is able to retrieve the Shopify order status in the Get order fulfillment order info from Shopify step,  would it be better if it stops processing the fulfillment export for orders that are fulfilled, closed, refunded, or cancelled instead of returning this error?

    Alternatively, the error should specify what the root cause is.Instead of "Fulfillment payloads array size must be greater or equal to one" which is a generic error, it would say "Fulfillment fails because order is already fulfilled", something along those lines. That's going to help a lot in troubleshooting.

  • Saikumar Rachamalla Docs Team Lead Principal Technical Writer

    Hi, Francis Hernandez we have already given a fix by enhancing the error message with this: You can\'t fulfill the line-item: ' + fulfillmentLine[ETAIL_LINE_ID] + ' as the fulfillment order status is canceled or closed.
    If you are not getting this error, we request you to raise a support ticket and we are happy to assist you. See this article on how to submit a ticket. 



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