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Integrate data through firewall with on-premise agent




  • Carol Anne Medel

    I am not seeing the "waffle box" menu on my end. When I click, it asks me to sign in. Can you please help?

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  • Rahul Somani

    Can you provide instructions on how to install this agent software on linux machine using command line. One of our use cases involves installing on a server with no UI access. Command line is the only option - can you provide any details?

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  • Damon Betlow

    How can you run the agent as a service?

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  • Jason Shinn

    I can answer both Rahul's and Damon's questions, based upon conversations I've had with support as of a couple months ago:

    Rahul: Linux support is in Beta, and not currently supported specifically because it is a GUI app, not a command line app. There is no command line support.

    Damon: Probably for a similar reason to the above, it's not currently supported to run the agent as a service.

    ... the agent appears to be intended to support development from your local machine, where you can restart at will, rather than used in production to circumvent firewall restrictions. I have found it to be only semi-reliable. Thankfully, I only need it for development purposes - in roughly 4 months, it's had to be restarted roughly twice.

    In any event, to make this work *best* you'll need a windows machine with network access to the resource you're trying to connect to, and you'll need login access to that machine to be able to restart if it goes down.

    I know that Celigo is actively working on many areas of their system, this may be one of them, so I suggest opening a new ticket with support or otherwise talking to your rep about what they're working on here if you need a better solution.

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  • Damon Betlow

    Appears Microsoft believes this agent download is malicious now. 

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