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Sync modified Shopify orders to NetSuite sales orders



  • Mel Haynes, Jr.

    Scenario 3 does not work and is not supported. After going through support, it was told to me that there is a non modifiable filter on the "Shopify Order to NetSuite Order/CashSale Add" flow that says only "paid" orders will flow through. If you edit an order that is only authorized, it will not flow to NetSuite.

  • Courtney Jordan Experience Strategy & Design Director Community moderator
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    Hi Mel Haynes, Jr.,

    Sorry for the delay on this - I missed this comment coming through. Thank you so much for letting us know; we'll get this article updated asap.

  • Kyle Kennedy

    Are edits to Shopify order Ship-To addresses sync'd over to NetSuite when the flow runs?


  • yashwanth T Senior QA Engineer

    Hello Kyle Kennedy,

    Currently, Shopify order Ship-To addresses edits/updates are supported only when there is an actual edit/change on the order line items.
    If there is only a shipping address update, then this will not be updated via flow.
    We have an enhancement request internally to implement this in future releases.


  • Mel Choat

    Hi Celigo team,

    In addition to address updates, is there anyway that other standard Shopify fields can be sync'ed to NetSuite, if they are changed?

    We use Item Tags to assist with order management - it would be great if when order tags were added/removed in Shopify the update was sync'ed to NetSuite.

  • Sree Vani Amara Senior Product Manager

    Hi Mel,

    If there is only a tag update , currently our flow doesn't support syncing these changes to NetSuite. This can be achieved via a custom flow, you can reach out to your CSM/AE if you wish to proceed with a custom flow. Can you please let us know how the item tags are assisting you in order management? 

    Thank you.


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